Jon MacDonald — Founder of The Good

Jon MacDonald is founder of The Good, a conversion rate optimization firm that has achieved results for some of the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and more.

He regularly contributes content on conversion optimization to publications like Entrepreneur and Inc. He knows how to get visitors to take action.

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Check out this three-question growth marketing interview with Jon!

What does an ordinary workday look like for you?

I’m up at 5:15 am and by 5:30 am I’m briefly checking in on the day’s news with an espresso. By 6:00 am I’ve typically responded to any urgent team needs on Slack, and then setting my day’s priorities within my daily to-do list in Asana.

Then I focus on lead response and follow-up (we use HubSpot) before jumping into any marketing support activities (guesting on a podcast, etc). Usually a couple of 1:1s throughout the day to stay in touch with the leadership team, and then I like to block out 1-2 hours to move one big task further along each day.

I’m home by 5:00 pm to see my 3-year-old son and have dinner with the family. After he is in bed I’ll usually check email one last time and then relax by watching some NBA on television with a nice glass of Pinot Noir.

What are some of your favorite marketing tools or resources?

The best resource at the moment is DGMG – Dave Gerhardt’s Marketing Group – which is stuffed full of actionable marketing insights and backed by a thriving community.

What is the best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

“It’s hard to read the label from inside the jar.”

Too many brands are so close to their marketing that they forget what it is like for a new to file customer – someone who just found you – to understand what you are selling.

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