Irah Nor — Co-founder at Rêveur

Irah Nor is a full stack marketer, with extensive experience across both B2B and B2C businesses.

She currently is a co-founder of Rêveur, a Toronto based growth marketing agency with global clients in health and wellness, beauty, lifestyle, startups and mobile apps.

Check out this three-question growth marketing interview with Irah!

What does an ordinary workday look like for you?

Running an agency, I actually end up having to time block hours in my calendar and dedicating each block to different tasks ranging from admin work, accounting, business development, creating pitch decks, to campaign management and optimization.

But it always starts with tea or coffee & checking last night’s campaign results. 

What are some of your favorite marketing tools or resources?

I actually derive a lot of my inspiration and ideas from the industry itself –  I’m in a few Slack communities that are really active like Online Geniuses, BigSEO, and #Measure where a ton of industry experts have been sharing invaluable insights and resources. 

What is the best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

ALWAYS SPRINT TEST. (and have a good framework for it!).

Sprint testing will immensely help you narrow down acquisition strategies that work.

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