Fernando Nikolic — Director of Demand Generation at Xeneta

Fernando Nikolic is from Argentina, grew up in Oslo, Norway, and has lived and worked in Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin as a B2B marketing consultant. He currently lives in Vancouver, BC, working as the Director of Demand Generation for a B2B SaaS scaleup.

He’s currently building Mindfold which is a resource for mental models for marketers, and you can find his writing at fernando.fyi.

Check out this three-question growth marketing interview with Fernando!

What does an ordinary workday look like for you?

I’ve been working remote since 2014, so over the years I’ve tried and tested different ways to make WFH work. These are the main pillars of a regular workday for me: 

  • Get up at 5am (not because I’m a douchy, type A person – I have meetings with Europe working from Vancouver, BC and the time zone difference is big)
  • After finishing meetings, organize all my notes into short, digestible takeaways to distribute within teams
  • Email admin
  • Deep work for 2-3 hours
  • Go outside and walk
  • Organize tasks for tomorrow and note any ideas that came up during the walk to look at the next day.

What are some of your favorite marketing tools or resources?

Any tools that can automate the boring stuff in a robust and safe way is at the top of my list: 

Then, tools that can visualize ideas is important: 

A solid CRM like HubSpot is the last in the top priority list.

Any resources that improves two things are important to me: mental models and copywriting.

The actual list is very long, but some of the people I follow are:

What is the best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Unlearn everything and be open to new ideas. Always challenge hypotheses and prove/disprove with data. 

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