AJ Wilcox — LinkedIn Ads Expert

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014.

He’s an official LinkedIn partner, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast, and has managed among the world’s largest LinkedIn Ads accounts worldwide. He’s a ginger & triathlete. He and his wife live in Utah, with their 4 kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast gokart.

Check out this three-question growth marketing interview with AJ!

1. What does an ordinary workday look like for you?

Up at 5am for workout and in the home office by 7. Emails and projects until 10. Sales calls and projects until 6pm.

I try to create at least 2 pieces of content per week. I’m not feeling very interesting now that I write it out 🙂

2. What are some of your favorite marketing tools or resources?

I love data crunching, so my current loves are Excel, Autohotkey scripts, SQL queries, and Google Data Studio.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts so I can be learning while on my morning runs.

I love the Social Media Marketing Podcast by Michael Stelzner, PPC Show by AdStage, and I’m ashamed to admit I do like to listen to my own podcast, the LinkedIn Ads Show

3. What is the best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Be consistently creating. The ones who win are those who never stop creating.

I’ve heard that from multiple sources in slightly different ways, but they’re all correct.

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