Is Unbounce’s “Smart Traffic” the Future of A/B Testing?

Unbounce has set itself apart from other platforms by harvesting the power of AI to allow those running campaigns to easily optimize their landing page traffic. With just a few simple clicks, Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature will automatically look at your visitors’ attributes and send them to the more relevant variant.

With competition for consumer attention becoming more fierce every day, being able to stand out from the competition is more important than ever.

Having a dedicated professional-looking website, campaigns based on good research, and the perfect fit for your target audience might be a good start but most times is not enough – and Unbounce is here to help!

As consumers’ preferences change all the time, being able to adapt is essential to turn traffic into revenue. However, it is not possible for a developer, marketer, or business owner to manually optimize their traffic depending on the user preference, but our Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do it.

Two heads are better than one

While AI might still lack the capabilities to generate marketing campaigns from scratch and other creative processes, it is great at making decisions based on previous data. Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature takes advantage of machine learning to allow a user’s marketing skills to shine.

By automatically looking at each visitor’s attributes, Smart Traffic is able to tell which variant of your landing page will be the most relevant for them. With studies showing that you have only 8 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention, making the best out of that short period is crucial.

With as few as 50 visits, Smart Traffic can start making decisions based on your userbase and landing page’s statistics, automatically redirecting new users.

Past data shows that pages using the Smart Traffic feature experiment with an average increase of 30% in their average conversion rate. All by just activating it.

Using Smart Traffic is the best way to provide your users with a customized experience closer to their needs. After all, long gone are the days when a “one-size-fits-all” approach was efficient on the internet!

How does Smart Traffic work?

While the technical aspects of how Smart Traffic operates can only be known by those with access to the code, the way it works in practice is pretty straightforward: it automatizes the traffic direction process by using contextual multi-armed bandit theory.

This approach is a more efficient and smart way of traditional A/B testing in which machine learning analyzes previous data to make predictions on which version will be more effective, learning from the results of prediction.

With as few as 50 visits, the machine learning algorithm used by Smart Traffic can start providing the page more likely to convert the user.

There are other solutions out there that can automatically direct traffic based on location and other attributes.

However, without machine learning, it is impossible for those decisions to truly adapt to each individual and bias is likely to happen. This will require constant tune-ups by users to compensate for and even then, might fail to account for all the information available.

With Smart Traffic, the more traffic your page has, the more successful the optimization will be. This means there is no need for constant tune-ups or changes, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Using the Smart Traffic feature is as easy as creating your original landing page. You can create any variants you want to make available based on your conversion goals, publish the variants, and activate Smart Traffic.

Once the learning phase is over, you can relax and watch the conversion rate grow organically.

You will have access to all the analytics features that Unbounce offers, allowing you to further optimize the design of your campaigns in the future if needed.

The benefits of using Smart Traffic

The main benefit of using Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature is increasing your conversion rate without requiring you to spend extra energy and resources on traditional A/B testing. Not only will such efforts be comparatively less effective but they will also cost your organization in the long term, they also pale in comparison to everything that Unbounce Smart Traffic can offer.

Some of the benefits of using Unbounce Smart Traffic are:

  • You can test multiple strategies and hypotheses at the same time: Using smart traffic is more than just directing the user to a slightly different page. Your variants can have a different design, sure, but they can tell an entirely different story depending on your goals. It is more than just using a different headline!
  • You will get the best results in the shortest amount of time: IA and machine learning have proven to surpass human ability when it comes to analyzing statistics. By using its potential, you will ensure that you will get the highest conversion rate possible every time.
  • No changes to your URL: Easily overlooked, complex or different URLs can make word-of-mouth marketing difficult to achieve. Smart traffic makes sure the URL will always be the same but the content will be optimized, improving such strategies.
  • All risk is mitigated when testing: Smart Traffic is able to identify when your new content fails to perform, reverting to your old standard in such cases. There is no way for you to lose in the long term!
  • A system built to last: Machine learning gets better as more data is made available. This means once you enable Smart Traffic, it will be able to adapt to any changes that might occur in your audience.

By combining your marketing prowess with the benefits of an AI-powered traffic direction tool like Smart Traffic, you will not only save time and money but also increase the impact your marketing campaign has on conversion rates.

Work smarter, not harder—with Unbounce! Give it a try absolutely free for 14-days with this link.

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