What are Unbounce’s Benefits?

Technology changed everything. While it has made it easier to reach people around the world, it has also made it harder to turn traffic into revenue. Most businesses today have a dedicated professional-looking website, whereas in the past it was limited to big corporations.

In an increasingly competitive ecosystem, how can small and medium-sized businesses compete with the capabilities of big corporations?

And what does any of this have to do with a landing page builder called Unbounce?

Well, as any marketer and business owner out there knows, turning traffic into revenue is one of the biggest challenges there are. Not only because the average attention span of an internet user is about 8 seconds but also because websites are getting increasingly well-designed as time passes.

Having a dedicated landing page that not only stands apart from the rest of your website but also is able to capture the attention of your potential customers due to its design, campaign-specific nature, and concreteness.

After all, you need to make the best out of those 8 seconds!

Unbounce: Allowing you to create the best landing pages

Launched in 2009, Unbounce has more than 10 years of experience helping Software as a Service (SaaS) and ecommerce businesses, marketing agencies, and anyone else who may require it, great landing pages that truly exceed the expectations of the visitor.

Saying that Unbounce might be the best landing page builder out there is not an exaggeration. This solution was created with only one purpose in mind: To allow anyone to increase their Return of Investment by easily creating high-converting landing pages.

This has resulted in more than 15 thousand users choosing Unbounce over similar alternatives. The list of Unbounce users includes companies like New Balance, Indochino, JetPet, Campaign Monitor, and many more.

While Unbounce is used by big, medium, and small businesses alike, it offers multiple plans that are designed to fit everyone’s needs. Each plan will allow you to create stunning landing pages without being a developer, which is all you need to start increasing and converting your traffic.

10 reasons why you should use Unbounce

While anyone can make use of Unbounce to create a stunning-looking landing page that converts more traffic, this is only one of the Unbounce benefits. With so many features to use in the creation of your perfect landing page, let’s go through the 10 benefits of using Unbounce landing pages!

Unbounce landing pages are highly customizable

All the features provided by Unbounce have one goal in mind: Allow you to customize and optimize your landing pages. With powerful AI and analytics capabilities, as well as customization options, you can now only understand how successful your landing pages are at converting traffic, but also adapt them to improve their effectiveness.

Smart Traffic can lift your conversion rates by over 30%

Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature uses machine learning to direct your visitors to the landing page with the highest conversion chance. By doing so, campaigns will see an average of 30% conversion rate increase without requiring you to wait for months or modify your campaigns individually.

Unbounce is easy to learn

Marketing is not easy. With Unbounce, you will not have to spend hours of your time learning how to use its different features. You can use time in what truly matters, getting your campaign to be successful by adapting it to your business needs and audience… Or just looking at your conversion rates go up!

Unbounce is highly integrable

No more having to worry about how other tools will behave when used in conjunction with your landing page. Unbounce offers a degree of integration that no other platform can offer. No matter if you use Mailchimp, benchmark, or ActiveCampaign; Hotjar or Fullstory; or any other tool. Unbounce allows you to connect to virtually any app out there!

No installations required

As Unbounce is a hosted service, you will not need to go through the tedious process of installing software and hoping for nothing to go wrong. You just access the platform, create an account, and start working on your new campaign. It is as easy as that!

Unbounce makes it easy to analyze your campaigns

As any marketer or business owner knows, creating a good marketing campaign and deploying it is just the tip of the iceberg. Unbounce offers a stat engine like no other by making your campaign’s stats easy to understand while allowing power users to go through every detail they might need. Did we mention the stats are updated in real-time?

Pay less for more

While the prices of Unbounce plans might be a bit higher than its alternatives—except for Instapage, which recently significantly raised their prices—the customer acquisition costs are lower. When considering the increase in conversion rates, time saved in the development of the page, and amount of features that Unbounce offers, there is no denying that Unbounce is king when it comes to costs.

No need for IT teams

While having an IT team is great, having to bother them to fix a misspelling or layout error can be a pain for all parties. With Unbounce, you will not only not need them to install any software, but you will also be able to fix issues on the spot, just as easy as doing some clicks!

Get your campaigns off the ground as soon as possible

Marketing is all about adapting to the current trends and changing audiences. Unbounce’s live monitoring and easy-to-create landing pages mean that you can act immediately to change the course of your campaigns, giving you a competitive edge against your competitors. The early bird gets the worm, after all.

No harm, no foul

While highly unlikely to happen, if you regret your decision to use Unbounce, you will not have to pay for it. With a 14-day free trial, you have more than enough time to find out if Unbounce is right for you. Just try it for 14 days, see your conversion rates go up, and then… Decide to keep it, as you will realize that there is no beating Unbounce!

Even more reasons Unbounce rocks!

A platform is only as good as the features it offers and Unbounce has more than enough powerful features to offer. From drag and drop landing page builder solutions to AI-powered smart traffic, you are sure to find what you need for your website to become a conversion machine.

Unbounce includes a landing page builder that will allow users with any level of technical knowledge to easily create a landing by dragging and dropping, either creating a whole new page or choosing from one of more than 100 templates. It is all about adding your own style!

For those who have some development experience, Unbounce will give the option to add custom scripts and pixels via Javascript, CSS, and HTML code. Such users can also apply custom scripts across multiple landing pages, providing even more customization options for power users.

With mobile phones taking an increasing role in today’s marketing, Unbounce also offers Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) capabilities and the option to create 100% mobile responsive landing pages. No one should go through the trouble of exploring a webpage that has not been optimized for mobile devices!

Unbounce also allows you to publish the page to your own domain with a custom URL or publish directly to word press if you use it, have access to more than 850 thousand free images from Unsplash, add high-quality SVG images, embed videos, activate parallax scrolling, and much more.

Just like Unbounce will give you powerful tools to create custom lead-gen forms, it also makes use of the AI-powered Smart traffic to optimize traffic, A/B testing to improve your conversion rates, Dynamic Text replacement for a personalized experience, and a real-time data dashboard: Everything you need to improve your campaigns!

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