6 Ways to Create Marketing Offers That Get Real Results

Your marketing offer is more important than pretty much anything else in your funnel.

Here are 6 ways to supercharge your next offer.

1. Highlight the differences

What makes your offer stand out from other options?

For example, Dyson vacuum cleaners introduced new cyclone technology, which reduced clogged filters:

2. Address specific outcomes

Don’t just focus on features and benefits.

Give the reader an idea of exactly what outcomes they are likely to experience if they choose your product or service, and be specific.

Here’s a classic example:

3. Minimize the risks

Build trust, increase credibility, and if possible, consider offering some kind of risk mitigation mechanism… which is just a fancy way of saying one of these things:

—‍ Warranty
—‍ Free trial
—‍ Free returns
—‍ Money-back guarantee

4. Make it easy-to-understand

Your offer shouldn’t confuse people.

Infomercials like this classic example are great examples of using demonstration to show and tell exactly what someone is getting:

5. Encourage immediate action

When used in moderation, urgency and scarcity can be a good thing.

You can use these techniques to create a “fear of missing out,” which can motivate a potential buyer who would have otherwise been on the fence

6. Require minimal effort to obtain

Don’t make people jump through hoops to get what you’re offering.

Keep your forms or checkout flow as simple as possible and test everything on multiple devices for maximum usability.

Multi-step forms and express checkout options can help:

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